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North and South Kinsman. October 21, 2018

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Basin Cascades, Cascade Brook, Kinsman Pond and Kinsman Ridge trails, 3,450 feet of elevation gain, 11.0 miles

Alex and I had a lot of schoolwork to do on the day we did our hike of the Kinsmans, so we started at first light.  We went from the Basin instead of the usual Fishin' Jimmy approach, since we felt like having a bit of variety.

Along the first mile or so of the trail, there are many little pools and waterfalls; it is very beautiful.

We headed up...

The leaves made a colorful carpet on the ground all around us.

We reached Kinsman Pond Trail and did the rock hop along the stream/trail; there was moss everywhere!

Unfortunately, my phone battery died at this point.  Mom's camera is responsible for the remaining photos.

After climbing up and over many rocks, we reached Kinsman Pond.  The very top of the pond was mostly frozen over, and the trees around it were covered in frost; it truly felt like winter!

Photo by Trish Herr
We looked up toward the summit of North Kinsman...

Photo by Trish Herr
From here, we walked through the Kinsman Pond campsite and headed up to North Kinsman.  When we got there, we checked out the viewpoint but could only see cloud.

Photo by Trish Herr
Together, we went down to the col between North and South Kinsman.  There, since Alex and Mom do not need South Kinsman for the Grid and I do, I moved on to the mountain alone while Alex and Mom hung out near the col.  When I got to the summit, I could see frost on every tree; it looked like Christmas.

I reached the summit of South Kinsman.

I walked back to Alex and Mom, and we climbed back up and over North Kinsman, and then down to Kinsman Pond.  It was easier than we thought it would be to climb down the water-rocks-path of Kinsman Pond Trail, and before we knew it, we were at the intersection with Cascade Brook Trail.

Photo by Trish Herr
A short time after that, Mom, Alex, and I were at Basin-Cascade Trail, and then the huge Basin trailhead.  The hike had been the first one this season with near winter conditions as far as temperatures and wind chill go; we are officially heading into winter!

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