Saturday, October 13, 2018

Moriah. October 7, 2018

Carter-Moriah Trail, 3,550 feet of elevation gain, 9.0 miles

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Mom, Alex, and I set off on the trail up Moriah in full daylight.  It was flat for a while, but then it started to go up moderately.

It was a cool October day, but we delayered quickly, as we were hot from the hard exercise.

The sunlight mixed with the beautiful fall leaves, which were in peak foliage, created memorable, gorgeous scenes whenever we looked up.

Mom took the lead as we headed up...

This leaf caught my attention.  The water droplets were beautiful.

Here are some pictures of fall foliage we saw on the trail.  These are just a few examples, however; there were many more.

We passed Mt. Surprise and continued up Mt. Moriah...

We eventually made it to Mt. Moriah to a cloudy sky with no views; however, there was a nice breeze that cooled us down. 

Photo by Trish Herr

Photo by Trish Herr

 After a short break, we headed back down.

Mom going down the ledges...

After a moderate decent, we made it to the flat part of the trail.  Breezing down to the parking lot, we took note of the colorful leaves that were all over the path.

Alex and I took out our school work in the car with new focus, as the physical exercise and nature had refreshed us and given us a good break.  The trek had been filled with good company and beautiful fall colors. 

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