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First Created: March 2018
Adapted from Alex's blog

My name is Sage Herr and I am currently in 7th grade.  I have been hiking NH's Four Thousand Footers since I was four years old.  I love to hike, and I almost always hike with my older sister and my mom.  Here are some of my hiking accomplishments in NH and in other parts of the world:
  • NH Four Thousand Footers (2010-2011), was the second-youngest girl to do so
  • el Camino de Santiago, complete 500+-mile Camino Frances route (from SJPP to Fisterra) (2013)
  • the 211-mile John Muir Trail (2014)
  • parts of the Great Wall of China (2015)
  • 46 State Highpoints (2010-2016)
  • the 170-mile Cohos Trail (2017)
  • the 52 With a View (was the youngest person to finish the list at that time)
These hikes are documented on my mom's blog, Trish, Alex, and Sage.

I am also a co-founder (along with my mom and my sister) of the NH Terrifying 25 list.  This is a list of the most "terrifying" trails in NH.  I am the creator of the name of this list, and I will soon be an administrator on the T25 Facebook Group, which currently has over 1,400 members.

In July 2016, I became CoAdopter of the Alpine Garden Trail on Mt. Washington.  My mother, sister, and I look forward to rebuilding cairns, creating scree walls, and generally keeping this trail maintained over the next few years.

I have recently started this blog because my mom, Trish Herr, believes I am ready to have one now, as I am now 13.  I want to have a blog because it will be fun to document my hikes online -- I am excited to develop my blog through different trip reports!  I enjoy hiking, and my other hobbies are writing, karate, cooking, skiing, swimming, and reading.

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