Monday, May 14, 2018

Moriah. May 9, 2018

Alex and I are alternating writing the trip reports. So, to check out our last hike in the White Mountains, go to Alex's blog.

Carter Moriah Trail, 9 miles, 3550 feet

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We started out in daylight, feeling warmer than we have in months.  Instead of our usual long-sleeves, we had T-shirts under our coats.  The warm weather affected our mood, and we were all pretty chipper.

The trail was relatively flat starting out...

A slight hill, but the sun was so beautiful we didn't really notice!


 This was amazing to see. I can only imagine the multitude of organisms that live in the dirt and old roots.

The trail started to go up more steeply, but it wasn't too bad yet...

Some views!

We started to see the first signs of snow after we passed the summit of Mount Surprise.  However, we delayed putting on our microspikes for as long as we could.

We finally caved about our microspikes after we slipped a couple of times.  It was easier than we thought to put microspikes over trail runners, though the microspikes were a bit big.

We finally got to the sign by the summit!

An artistic photo... 

The very small sign...

We got to the summit and walked onto a beautiful rock ledge with amazing views and a very blue sky.  It was a wonderful day!

We stopped for longer than we usually do on the summit, as it was such a beautiful warm day!

Heading down...

We noticed a huge amount of feathers strewn about the trail while we were nearing the bottom of the mountain.  This was the largest grouping of them; it was very strange.

The very last stretch of trail before the car...

And we were done!

It was a wonderful hike on a beautiful warm day.  It truly felt like spring!

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