Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Eisenhower and Pierce. May 28, 2018

About 10.1 miles, 3,100 feet

Mt. Clinton Road, Edmands Path, Eisenhower Loop Trail, Crawford Path, Crawford Connector.

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Alex has also made a trip report of her experiences on this hike, as we took different paths.  Go to alexinthewhitemountains.com to check it out.  Note: she will not be posting this report until tomorrow.

We started out in daylight, after a 45-minute drive from our house.  Alex is trying to complete one round of the 48 solo; therefore, whenever we can (not during the winter), we let her hike by herself.  So, on this hike she started out going up Mount Pierce via Crawford Path while Mom and I walked the two miles on Mt. Clinton Road (because it is closed) to Edmands Path and started up Mount Eisenhower. 

However, we decided to take the first picture of the day together...

Photo by Trish Herr
From the parking lot, all three of us walked a short way on the Crawford Connector to where it intersects with Mount Clinton Road.  Here, Mom and I said goodbye to Alex.  We started the road walk toward Edmands Path and she walked what was left of the Crawford Connector and then up Crawford Path.

After the road walk, which was very green and beautiful, Mom and I got to the Edmands Path trialhead.

Photo by Trish Herr
We started up Edmands.  It was flat for a while, but then it started going up more steeply.

We saw two fallen trees that had pulled their roots and a great amount of dirt up when they came down.  It was quite amazing.

Yay!  We got to tree-line (however, there were no views, just fog) and the intersection between Mt. Eisenhower Loop and Edwards Path.  Mom and I started up Mount Eisenhower.

Here is what Mount Eisenhower looked like from the above intersection...

We ran into Alex coming down Mount Eisenhower!  She had gotten up Pierce and over to Eisenhower already.  We chatted for a little bit and then continued on our separate ways (she was to go down Edmands Path, then walk Mt. Clinton Road to our car, and wait there and we were to continue over to Mount Eisenhower, then Mount Pierce, and then down Crawford Path to our car).

After seeing Alex, we continued up Eisenhower...

Yay!  We got to the summit of Mount Eisenhower.  All the snow was completely gone, and it was very foggy, but we were happy to be there.

Photo by Trish Herr

We then continued over to Mount Pierce, seeing some beautiful flowers along the way.

Yay!  We got to the summit of Mount Pierce!  We had a snack before heading down Crawford Path.

Photo by Trish Herr

Hiking down, the bugs started to come out.  Before, because we started so early, there had been none, but as the day went on they became more noticeable.  However, we were almost done for the day and they didn't bother us that much.

We got to the intersection between Crawford Path and Crawford Connector, then walked the .4 miles on the Crawford Connector back to the car.  Mom and I met up with Alex and we all agreed that we had all had fun and that it had been a good hike for everybody.

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  1. Great post as always. It's great to see to Alex getting out on her own now and enjoying solo hiking, I'm 29 years old and my Mom still worries about me hiking alone LOL.

    By the way, I just thought of a good question you guys might want to start asking on Granite Gals: "What's your biggest hiking-related pet peeve?" Mine is people who can't respect the peace and quiet of nature. Hiking to me is more of a meditative exercise where you feel good about yourself but you NEVER make noise just for the sake of it. It just ruins the moment for everybody else around you. Think of it as a Yoga class, you're not going to be going "WOOOOOOO I CAN FINALLY DO THE PIGEON POSE" are you??
    /end rant