Saturday, June 22, 2019

June 2019 hikes: Carrigain, Tom Field Willey, and Cabot

Please remember to check our Alex's blog!  She and I take turns documenting our hikes.

We hiked only three days this month; we are busy with travel, trail maintenance training, and a Wilderness First Responder course (Alex).  We hiked June 17-19.

Here are links to our Carrigain June 17 hike and our Cabot June 19 hike.  I put some photos together into short videos (nothing fancy).

For Tom, Field, and Willey, Mom and I went one way while Alex went another.  You can find her trip report on her blog.  Here are pictures from the hike Mom and I did together.  These are her photos as my camera was low on batteries.

Mom and I went up Willey, across Field, and down Tom.  Here are Mom's photos:

Dropping Alex off at the Depot so she can start up Tom

Starting up Willey


the trail!

on Willey

view from Willey

on the way to Field

on Field

heading to Tom

on Tom

from Tom's viewpoint

It was a nice week of hiking!

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